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MTV's Liquid Television Complete Series DVD

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This is the complete series (3 seasons) of MTV's Liquid Television, plus some rare bonus material.

Liquid Television is an animation showcase that appeared on MTV from 1991 to 1995. It has served as the launching point for several high-profile original cartoons, including Beavis and Butt-head and Æon Flux. The bulk of Liquid Television's material was created by independent animators and artists specially for the show, and some previously produced segments were compiled from festivals such as Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation.

Due to Google Shopping limitations, listings are only allowed to provide a certain amount of text. Thus, we cannot list the episode details. So we're including them in the image section.

Check back soon if you're interested in the 2013 revival, simply called "Liquid TV" which we will soon be putting to Blu-ray, with lots of bonus material as well.

Customer Reviews

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Great Collection

I've been waiting for MTv to come out with this on DVD or Blu Ray 25+ years now but they never did. I was super hesitant to order form this site, since I’ve never ordered anything form them before. But, to my surprise the boxset was really put together very well and someone put a lot of time and effort into them. Some of the episodes you can tell that the quality is from a VHS, which is completely fine. But overall I love all them and all the episodes I could remember are there. Definitely will be ordering from them again. Thank you so much

Almost Perfect

I was in my early teens when Liquid Television first premiered and I instantly fell in love with the eclectic and often bizarre short features that comprised each half hour episode. I always wanted to own the series on DVD but licensing rights made that impossible. I am happy I decided to give In Another Store a try. It can be scary to trust an online store you're unfamiliar with, especially when you're forking over your hard earned money. But I'm happy to say they are the real deal. The three seasons of LT arrived quickly and in professional looking cases with equally impressive DVD cover art. The first two discs played great, but the third disc is, alas, nearly unwatchable. I know they had to dig up these old cartoons from existing VHS tapes, but the amount of distortion that runs through disc three gave me a headache. Thankfully, my favorite episodes are on the first two discs, and the previously released Wet Shorts: The Best of Liquid Television covers a lot of the episodes on disc three (and in pristine condition too), so, for the most part, I'm very satisfied with this chance to revisit those bygone days when MTV was in it's prime. Highly recommended, just have some dramamine on hand when you plop in disc three.