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Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil Complete Series OOP DVD + Original Pilot

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This is the complete series of Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil. This is a copy of the original DVD. We'll also include a bonus DVD, if you choose it from the drop down menu, of the original pilot. In the retail release, they've removed the original opening song from the pilot, which is a cover of the song Hall & Oates song "Maneater". This is included in our bonus DVD.


Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil is an American adult computer-animated television series that aired on Cartoon Network's late-night programming block Adult Swim. It was created and directed by Loren Bouchard, produced by Williams Street with Loren Bouchard L.L.C. and Fluid Animation. The show starred Melissa Bardin Galsky as Lucy, the daughter of the Devil, who is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin. It was the first Adult Swim series to feature a female protagonist.


The show follows the titular 21-year-old Lucy, who lives in San Francisco and has been ordained by her father, the devil, to fulfill her destiny as the Antichrist, whether she likes it or not. Along the way she meets up with a DJ named Jesús, who turns out to be the Second Coming of the messiah and the two begin dating from the first episode after Lucy saves him from a fire created by her father to kill him.

Meanwhile, her father tries different schemes in his quest to take over the world with the help of his "advocate," Becky, who acts as something of a personal assistant. At the same time a group of "Special Clergy," two priests and a nun, are on a mission from the Vatican to find and destroy Lucy. 

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John Stone

Having some issues getting the special features menu to load otherwise everything else seems fine.