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Berserk Complete 1997 Series on Blu-ray

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This set contains all 25 episodes of Berserk from the 1997 series. All episodes include 2 audio tracks: one in English, and one in Japanese. All episodes also include optional subtitles in English. Episodes are in 1080p, in the original 4:3 aspect ratio. The set contains 3 Blu-ray discs.


Berserk, also known in Japan as Kenpū Denki Berserk,[a] is a Japanese anime television series based on Kentaro Miura's manga series of the same name. The series was produced by Nippon Television and VAP, animated by Oriental Light and Magic and directed by Naohito Takahashi. It was broadcast for twenty-five episodes on Nippon TV from October 1997 to April 1998. Berserk was formerly licensed for English release in North America by Media Blasters, who lost the rights to the series in 2012. Berserk has been well-received, with critics praising its storytelling, characters, setting, and soundtrack by Susumu Hirasawa.


Guts is a lone mercenary warrior who wanders looking for battles, driven solely by his will to survive. After being defeated by Griffith, the ambitious and charismatic leader of a mercenary group called the Band of the Hawk, Guts becomes a full member of the group. Guts quickly rises through the ranks, becoming Griffith's best warrior. One day, Griffith shows Guts his Behelit, a mysterious demonic relic, revealing him as well his dream to rule a kingdom of his own. Three years later, the Band of the Hawk have grown in power and numbers, with Guts serving as a commander of the group. Guts encounters Immortal Zodd, a fearsome giant warrior, who after nearly killing him and Griffith, spares their lives upon seeing Griffith's Behelit, warning Guts of an inescapable death should Griffith's dream die. While recovering, Griffith starts getting closer to the king of Midland's daughter, Charlotte. At one point, Guts overhears a talk between Griffith and Charlotte, where Griffith says that he only considers a true friend someone who has their own dream. The Band of the Hawk is eventually hired by the kingdom of Midland, helping to win the Hundred Year War against the Tudor empire. In the meantime, Guts develops a closest relationship with Casca, the Hawks' unit commander and only female member. Some time later after the Hawks' victory, Guts decides to leave the group to stop living for Griffith's dream. Guts and Griffith have a duel; after an overwhelming defeat for the latter, Guts reaffirms his decision and walks away. Psychologically devastated by Guts' departure, Griffith, in a lapse of judgement, has sexual intercourse with Princess Charlotte. Griffith is imprisoned and tortured, while the Hawks are marked for death.

Guts, who spent a year training to become a better swordsman, eventually learns that the Hawks are now outlaws and that Casca has taken the leadership. Guts goes to their aid, arriving in time as they battle a group of mercenaries. Casca has a plan to rescue Griffith from the Tower of Rebirth, where he is being held. Later on, they go into a dungeon under the Tower of Rebirth, finding Griffith mutilated, disfigured and rendered mute. Back from the escape, the Hawks feel helpless due to Griffith's condition. Casca tells Guts that she must take care of Griffith and that Guts should continue his own path. Overhearing them and desperate at what he has been reduced to, Griffith takes off in a wagon, accidentally crashing into the river. In his desolation, following a failed attempt to commit suicide by stabbing his throat into a sharp tree root, Griffith finds his Behelit, lost during his time imprisoned, and unintentionally activates it with the blood leaking from his neck, thus initiating an event called "the Eclipse", taking everyone present to another plane. The God Hand, a group of archdemons, inform Griffith that he has been chosen as their final member and he must offer his comrades as sacrifices to the "apostles", humans like Zodd who became powerful demons by sacrificing their loved ones and their own humanity. The entire Band of the Hawk are branded as sacrificial offerings; almost all of the group, except Guts and Casca, are slaughtered by the apostles. Griffith, reborn as the fifth God Hand member, Femto, rapes Casca in front of Guts. Guts, restrained by the apostles, cuts off his own left forearm and loses his right eye, in a vain attempt to stop his former friend. Guts ultimately survives the Eclipse and time later he becomes known as the Black Swordsman, starting a quest for revenge against the God Hand and the apostles.



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Crispy Taco

Awesome!!! Great quality video! ☆☆☆☆☆

Esoteric Fisherman

You wont find this phenomenal 1997 Berserk series anywhere. The quality is great, both resolution and audio. I was the test subject due to this show was never released in the USA or possibly anywhere. Im stoked to own Berserk 97'. Fuck yea